Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Bring Odysseus Home 12 b.c.e.

Odysseus has been gone for so long that hope for his return has been lost by his family, especially Telemachus, his son, and Penelope, his wife. Telemachus has expressed strong feelings of grief and sorrow and has begun to believe that there is no way that his father could make it home. Penelope couldn't even bear to have a song played by one of the suitors without connecting it to emotions of her supposedly late husband and bursting into tears.
One of the reasons that I have not yet lost hope is because of a conversation I had earlier with Zeus. I had begun to believe that he didn't want Odysseus to come home, when really Poseidon had been the person that was negative towards his return! He was bitter over the fact that Odysseus had blinded the cyclops, bore by Thoosa, a woman who he had once made love to. This whole situation has made it difficult for Odysseus to make his journey back to Ithaca, but both Zeus and I believe that Poseidon's anger will soon subside. No matter what, it would be very hard for his attitude towards the situation to have much effect, seeing that he stands as one god alone against all the rest.
After I had spoken to Zeus, I headed over to speak with Telemachus about his father. The first thing I noticed was how his heart was so heavy with grief for his father. We dined and listened to a suitor's song which soon brought Penelope to tears. After we ate, Telemachus and I conversed over the whereabouts of his father. He almost refused to believe that Odysseus could still be alive, seeing as he had lost so much hope for his return. It was hard to see these people in so much grief over my dear friend, even though it had been so long since I have seen him. No matter what they think, I know that Odysseus will make his way home. Nothing can keep him from the land and the people that he loves, not even Poseidon or the angry mother of a cyclops.
Overall, I know that Odysseus will somehow make his way back home. I also know that Poseidon could never kill him, but he has deferred him so off course that he has made it very difficult for him to come back to those who love and miss him. No matter what, we know that there is nothing that could  definitely keep Odysseus away from Ithaca, a place whose rule belongs to him.

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