Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Odysseus' Journey Home

Odysseus is finally able to return to the land he knows and loves after being trapped for seven years by a lonely Calypso. One would think that that's amazing, right? Well, not according to Poseidon. Once Odysseus was finally able to see our land, Poseidon intervened and made it near impossible for him to step foot on ground. He almost died! Poseidon created a giant sea storm as Odysseus neared the end of his journey, making him have to jump off of his raft and swim for dear life to reach the shore. Once he got there he saw nothing but jagged rocks and sharp edges, with no good spot for him to climb safely to land. Not only that, but the storm threw him up against a rock and if he hadn't held on like he did, he could be dead now. My heart breaks for Odysseus 1.57, seeing how he has been trapped for so long, help captive from those he loves and longs to return to. It's almost inhumane to be forced away from all you know to accompany a lonely nymph, crying your heart out each day that their family is not reunited.
Personally, I think that Poseidon needs to get over whatever negative feelings he has towards Odysseus. First of all, he is the only god again Odysseus' safe return home. He stands alone as he tries to keep him away. Also, he has put Odysseus in great danger. The storm that he caused could have killed Odysseus if he wasn't half the man he is today. Now he's at a separate palace, far away from all those who love, embrace, and miss him.
Overall, I just really hope that Odysseus can find a safe way to come home and in a short amount of time. He has been thrown around enough by the seas and anger stricken gods. Whether they're mortal or god, seven years is way too long for anyone to be away from the land they love.

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  1. Athena,

    Firstly, your blog has great aesthetic appeal. Great creativity. Your writing is good although the tone is rather lukewarm for a spunky goddess. Inject some humor where possible and take a stance. Odysseus does npt know the land of Scheria but yes he does like it there because of the hospitality and the opportunity to gain much recognition owing to his heroic deeds in the Trojan war. Quotes from the text are important. Use quotation marks!