Friday, February 12, 2016

Home Sweet Home

Oh, dysseus. Seven long years he waited for his return to his kingdom, only to discover that in that time it was destroyed by lonely suitors. Luckily, because of his strength and companionship with his brother, they were able to kill them all. I only wish that they had the courtesy to rid of the bodies sooner instead of leaving them on the palace floor for so long. Not the best sight. But anyways, I am glad that Odysseus was finally able to take back what was rightfully his from greedy men looking for love. Not only that, but he was also able to reunite with his father and son. Seeing him with his father again warmed my heart and brought tears to their eyes. I could never image being away from my father, Zeus, for that long. I don't know how Odysseus could even begin to handle it. Knowing me, I probably would have sobbed like he did. But now they're together at long last. After pretending to be a beggar of so long, once the disguise was removed, he could finally be himself around his family. I'm glad I was able to be such a help in bringing the ruler back to his kingdom, but some people thought that I had other motives. I heard that people thought I had a crush on him! As if. Can't a goddess do one good thing without needing to be looking for a man? People these days. I find it down right offensive that someone would think that the goddess of wisdom would fall for a married man. I mean, Calypso did it, and Circes for that matter, but not me. I know better. Personally I think that it would be quite obvious of how inappropriate a relationship between the two of us would be anyways. A person in my position of power could never be with someone like Odysseus. He's not even full god.

Secondly, Odysseus seemed to just want to keep fighting. Once he defeated the suitors, he seemed to want to get even more revenge. My father's advice really helped me decide what to say: "Now that royal Odysseus has taken his revenge, let both sides seal their pacts that he shall reign for life, and let us purge their memories of the bloody slaughter of their brothers and their sons. Let them be friends, devoted as in the old days. Let peace and wealth come cresting through the land." He needed to realize that he is now going to be the one and only ruler of Ithaca. Once I saw Odysseus, I needed to tell him and his son to chill: "Hold back, men of Ithaca, from the wearisome fighting, so that most soon, and without blood, you can settle everything." I think that he has now learned to calm down and return to his home.

Overall, I'm glad that he's taken the throne again and reunited with the ones who love him most, despite all of the troubles and turmoils he had to go through to get there.

Enough about him. I wanted to share what I've been really into recently. Since I've had a bit more free time what with Odysseus now safe, I've been able to browse the web and come across some websites and videos that I really enjoy. Since I know that there are many of you out there who share common interests with me, I though that some of the links would be worthwhile to share on here: my company, if you ever need medical help.

Thanks for reading ;)