Thursday, March 31, 2016

An Overview of the Struggle

Ever since the beginning of Odysseus' reign over his kingdom, he has been very highly regarded as a great leader. He knows how to work with his crew, is loyal to the land and people that he loves, and has perseverance to fight through the storm.
His teamwork with his crew has shown many times throughout his journey. The first example of this is when he is deciding who to take with him into battle. He gives them an equal chance of getting to fight the cyclops with him by letting them choose random odds. "Next I told the rest of the men to cast lots, to find out which of them must endure with me to take up the great beam and spin it in the Cyclops' eye when sweet sleep had come over him. The ones drew it who I myself would have chose, four men, and I myself was the fifth, and allowed with them." The second example of Odysseus' teamwork with his team is when they land on the island of Circe. He gives Circe herself an ultimatum, that Odysseus is only to stay with her if she free her men of their new swine state. Only then will he give her something in return.
His loyalty to his land and family is not something that should come as a surprise. Nothing other than his love for his home could have driven him through the hardship that he needed to face to complete his journey. An example of this is how he constantly grieved over his separation from his family every second that they were apart. "There, shedding tears, he (Odysseus) went unnoticed by all others, but Alcinous alone understood what he did and noticed, since he was sitting next to him and heard him groaning heavily." Another example of this is when he played all of the suitors trying to take over the land he loves and his wife. He would do anything for those whom he adores, showed by the blood shed over the suitors.
Lastly, Odysseus showed the perseverance that was able to get him through all of his misfortunes. Not only does he persevere himself, but he urges his crew to go on as well. "Dear friends, surely we are not unlearned in evils. This is no greater evil now than it was when the Cyclops had us cooped in his hollow cave by force and violence, but even there, by my courage and counsel and my intelligence, we escaped away. I think that all this will be remembered some day too. Then do as I say, let us all be won over." Also, he did not let himself stay discouraged for too long. When the seas got choppy as he was nearing his home, instead of giving up, he made the decision to just off of his raft and swim the waters himself. When he was thrown about in the waves, he clung tight to a rock and crawled to safety when most others would let the misfortunes drag them down.
Overall, we now know all of the amazing traits that made Odysseus the great leader that he is today. He is a great example of what other leaders should strive to be, and I am happy to have been by his side through it all.